The 5 Great Tips for Simple Web Design

Do you already have a website? If you are establishing your business online, you must already have one. It is really an important thing to consider especially if you want to target your market. The problem is even if you have your website, why is it that you only have a few visitors? There is something wrong with your website. Does it have a simple web design?

Why should it be simple?

More and more people are now attracted to websites that are just simple. Too much of designs on it can affect to the load time of it. And long load time would give a reason for your viewer to just close your website and just look for another one. It is really a disadvantage to your part. Maybe so better simplify your web design.  Here is a great example of the proper use of simplicity and function to create a website to target: Mortgage Rates Columbia SC.

To help you in re-creating your website, here are the following tips to consider:

  1. Focus on important elements – Sometimes, you tend to show things that you think are essential to your website. As the result, some of these are not that useful to you. You will just end up having a messy website. So to prevent this you can try the 80-20 rule. Just focus on the 20% of the essential elements on your site that yield 80% of usefulness to your viewers. With this, you will be able to simplify your design.
  2. Remove the unnecessary things – To help simplify your website, you should remove the not so important elements. They will just cause distractions to you. Such things includes links on footer, blog post meta details, sidebar elements and others that are not that important.
  3. Trim down the number of pages –To reduce these pages, you can just combine elements that are just related with each other. Make sure that the remaining pages will facilitate the necessary things for your visitor and nothing else. Doing this will give your navigation menu to be just simple and they will just greatly focus on what is inside your site.
  4. Give emphasis on your sites fold –You should give more life to it because there are visitors who focus on this page. They spend much time t it before exploring the other parts of your site. Increase its effectiveness by showing the main content of your site and elements that will serve as call to action. Place the elements that will really catch the attention of your viewers.
  5. Use few color schemes – it doesn’t necessarily mean that if your site will be colorful, it will attract your visitor. Choose the colors that are pleasing to the eyes. After all the viewers are after the content not with the color. Just include a few color schemes.

These are important things you need to consider to your website. Remember that your viewers will greatly appreciate your site if it is just simple but jam packed with great information.