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Good Website Design and Practices

Competence is a word which is popular not only in workplaces, but also in websites. Different websites have their own way of laboring design and implementing practices. Hence, each of them has to prove which one can and will stand out among the rest.

Technology is ever evolving through a fast-paced change. That is why all website developers, whether they like it or not, have to create and maintain a website that is designed with fresh, modern and advanced idea. This goal among them is not just for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of the users of their website. Besides, users are the complete replica of the success of any website. When a specific website has a lot of users, it only means that the design created by the website developer agrees to the three characteristics of design mentioned. But if a website has a stagnant number of users, especially when the website is already created over a year or years ago, something about the design isn’t improving too.

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If you have the plan of putting up a business online, it is but necessary for you to have a good website design and practices. Putting up a business in this new, advanced opportunity takes time and effort. Before your website can be even created, you have to consider the popular techniques for designing. On the top of it, questions “What are these popular techniques for designing?” and “How these techniques should be done?”. Seemingly, all you have to do is to find a good website developer who can strategically design your website using popular techniques. If you are able to find one, you can expect your online business to grow, and in a better scenario, you can also expect that your website will constantly provide a good experience to users.

On the other hand, having a good website design and practices is somewhat difficult to achieve, especially if you are just a beginner in online business. A lot of trending website design has been popping out almost day by day. It is a true that lots of them offer a good benefit. But there is an underlying pitfall- it is the way how the design will be implemented and what are the contents that will be seen on it. Therefore, the task is again mainly attributed to the developer of your website. No matter how creative the design is, if it is not implemented properly, much as well that the website will not be users-friendly too. It is because it is very typical for the users to visit a website which does not cause troubles to their laptop or smart phone.

Just imagine that you are a viewer and you’ve visited a particular website. You decided to visit it because you find its graphics very attractive. But all of a sudden, you just feel annoyed because such graphics are really not working well, and worse, those are causing chaos to your laptop or smart phone. Therefore, before choosing the hottest design for website, take a second thought about its flexibility. Such as “Is this design easy to manage once already implemented?” and “Is this the design which will be users-friendly?”. That is why you and your website developer need to be well-educated about the implementation of good website design and practices.

Top Trends for Implementing a Good Website Design and Practices

Flat Design

Windows, Android, as well as iOS are the interfaces which greatly influence the community for web design. Needless to say, these are the interfaces which make use of the flat design. However, there is a corresponding challenge with this design- it is the aspect of minimalism. This is the aspect in which lots of developers just find it hard to perfect. For example, bold fonts are expected to take a larger space in the flat design, so does the simple icons. Therefore, the visual hierarchy of each character or element should not be put in a compromise. Or else, this design will leave your users a bad experience.

Website Design that is Responsive

For the website to become responsive, its design has to give optimum benefits to the users. It is because if the design is responsive, it is applicable for all types of device. The content should not be affected by the minimalism of the device, all of the device contents should be easy to navigate, and the usability of the device should work effectively to the users.


When you are planning for a responsive website that is characterized by good website design ad practices, the very first thing that you have to consider is to learn about the appropriate content that you are going to implement in each size of the screen. For smaller types of device, the content hierarchy really matters, for it will affect important rooms in the device, such as the messaging and other contents that you want your users to keep with.


A good website design and practices is also parallel to a good navigation, especially to a smaller device. The navigation can be called mobile-friendly if it can accommodate well all small screens. If you are planning to design more categories in the menu, the navigation should be more efficient too.


It is quite a fact that the usage of devices increases, may it be a smart phone or a tablet. Therefore, usability is another important ingredient of a good website design and practices. Whether the user is using a smart phone or tablet, the content of your website has to be capable for multi-step functions, such as viewing of visual contents like photos as well as videos and should not be a trouble, but a good experience to engage with.

Motion Graphics

Last but not the least, a good website design and practices is characterized by a device with good motion graphics. However, motion graphics which are made of lots of text effects and slides are not pleasing anymore, no matter how good the purpose of the developer is. It is because it can cause the decrease of the usability of the website.

Those are the top trends for a good website design and practices that will definitely give an edge to your business online.

Benefits of Responsive Website Designs

Creating website designs effectively helps in making your business and your website to be known in the public. It is very beneficial for those who want to ensure that it will really be successful and usable for website users. A responsive web design enables the user to view the website through the use of multiple devices such tablets, phone and computer and it is still user-friendly. Also, a responsive web design enables the users to flexibly view your website through the use of multiple devices available.

Good examples of responsive website design can be found all over the web. Here is a great example of a new design we found focused on: Charleston Mortgages. This design shows well on all platforms we tested. Great job, for staying focused on your subject and using responsive design.

Responsive web design is not only beneficial for the users because it is also very helpful for the website to attract customers in multiple ways. The following are the benefits of responsive web design:

  • It helps in increasing conversion rates and sales: This will enable the user to have their enhanced site experience in which redirection, utilization of Standardized Style Sheets is no longer needed. The constant user experience creates positive impact in your conversion rates most especially if people are already familiar on navigation and system or site use along the devices.
  • It helps you to consolidate reporting and your analytics: If you have one responsive site, which means that it is no longer needed to track the user’s journey, funnels, conversion paths, as well as the redirections on your sites. The site analytics devices such as Google Analytic can now be optimized in order to handle different devices as well as the responsive reporting. The entire analytics and tracking allows you to monitor and analyze single report easily.
  • It increases the visibility to search engines: If you have responsive design that means that have the capabilities to manage your website through a set of hypertext links. This will allow you in focusing into link outreach through the consolidated SEO strategy. It is true that the use of SEO campaign will enable you to consume time and money however if you create responsive site, your entire effort can now be focused on one site which contains unified tactics and strategies across the devices.
  • It saves cost and time: Creating responsive design is more preferred than creating new mobile site. Responsive design will not let you consume more time and money rather than creating additional mobile site.
  • It enhances the user’s browsing experience: This allows the site owners in delivering quality content into their target audience through multiple devices.
  • It saves cost and time on the site management: The clients will definitely find it easier and consumes less time in managing and maintaining their single site if it contains lesser content to be managed. Also, the single interface is easier to optimize through the use of workflow tools and layout in order to correctly manage the content as well as the site template which are used into different devices.

If you want to make sure that you will not find any difficulty in managing you website, you have to make sure that you employ responsive web design. Responsive web design will help you in ensuring that your website will be known to the public through the use of multiple devices.

Is Good Website Design Important?

A website design plays a very important role in ensuring that your business will earn traffic and it will be known to the public. A web design comprises the different skills as well as the disciplines when it comes to the maintenance and production of your websites. Web design includes the interface design, web graphic design, authoring, user experience web design and most importantly search engine optimization.

As the society turns to be more technology based, you should make sure that your business is already upgraded and it has a feature that can attract more customers. Web design is very important if you want to make sure that your business will on its top competition. If you were able to employ simple yet meaningful website design, that will turn good and it will surely earn more. If you web design is good enough, that will surely reflect on your company as well as on the quality of products and services that you have. It doesn’t mean that though you have created your website for your business, it is already enough, take note that there are other businesses which are competing with yours. Having website is not enough to attract customers not unless it contains encouraging design, they were able to get the content they need, it conveys clear message, and the contents are interesting and useful and is very easy to navigate. If you are looking for mortgage rates Greenville SC anytime soon check out for a great example of interesting and useful content for local clients seeking a new mortgage.

Employing good web design definitely adds credibility into your business.

You should take note that there are already sophisticated users who wants a company in which they can fully give their trust. There are different web designs however you should make sure that you will go for the professional one. You can hire for professional web designer who has the capability to employ good and professional web design to your website. You just have to make sure that your website can be navigated easily and the web users will be able to read the content effectively and clearly. The contents should enable the users to easily understand and identify the facts presented.

Having good and professional web designs will keep you website as well as your business apart from the others. The following are some important points that you should consider if you want to make sure that your website will contain good website design:

  • Make use of topography which can be read easily.
  • Always consider that most of the average person only gives time to read 30% of the content in a page.
  • You can also make use of headings, text formatting, bulleted list as well as good spacing.
  • Make sure to follow and create the identity of each brand.
  • Don’t forget to include accurate call to action and clear massage on your web design.

Good website design will help you in ensuring that you will attract more customers to visit your page.

You have to make sure that you will choose the web design that is appropriate for your business and it will be very useful for every client. Good web design will provide you the assurance that your business will not be left behind by other competing website.

The 5 Great Tips for Simple Web Design

Do you already have a website? If you are establishing your business online, you must already have one. It is really an important thing to consider especially if you want to target your market. The problem is even if you have your website, why is it that you only have a few visitors? There is something wrong with your website. Does it have a simple web design?

Why should it be simple?

More and more people are now attracted to websites that are just simple. Too much of designs on it can affect to the load time of it. And long load time would give a reason for your viewer to just close your website and just look for another one. It is really a disadvantage to your part. Maybe so better simplify your web design.  Here is a great example of the proper use of simplicity and function to create a website to target: Mortgage Rates Columbia SC.

To help you in re-creating your website, here are the following tips to consider:

  1. Focus on important elements – Sometimes, you tend to show things that you think are essential to your website. As the result, some of these are not that useful to you. You will just end up having a messy website. So to prevent this you can try the 80-20 rule. Just focus on the 20% of the essential elements on your site that yield 80% of usefulness to your viewers. With this, you will be able to simplify your design.
  2. Remove the unnecessary things – To help simplify your website, you should remove the not so important elements. They will just cause distractions to you. Such things includes links on footer, blog post meta details, sidebar elements and others that are not that important.
  3. Trim down the number of pages –To reduce these pages, you can just combine elements that are just related with each other. Make sure that the remaining pages will facilitate the necessary things for your visitor and nothing else. Doing this will give your navigation menu to be just simple and they will just greatly focus on what is inside your site.
  4. Give emphasis on your sites fold –You should give more life to it because there are visitors who focus on this page. They spend much time t it before exploring the other parts of your site. Increase its effectiveness by showing the main content of your site and elements that will serve as call to action. Place the elements that will really catch the attention of your viewers.
  5. Use few color schemes – it doesn’t necessarily mean that if your site will be colorful, it will attract your visitor. Choose the colors that are pleasing to the eyes. After all the viewers are after the content not with the color. Just include a few color schemes.

These are important things you need to consider to your website. Remember that your viewers will greatly appreciate your site if it is just simple but jam packed with great information.